Pascal Welsch: Making Dart more like Kotlin

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Making Dart more like Kotlin
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Do you miss Kotlin when building Flutter Applications? I do. Kotlin is one of the best-designed languages, which makes it easy to express developer thoughts in code. But Dart gets better, quickly!I’d like to present what the Dart Team is working on to make the language as much fun as Kotlin. The Flutter community isn’t standing still and improves the ecosystem themselves. Let me introduce kt.dart, dartx and super_enums.

Pascal Welsch – Flutter GDE from Cologne, Germany – will demonstrate how kt.dart can prevent bugs by using immutable data structures, which respect equality and reduce code complexity with extensions.


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Pascal Welsch: Making Dart more like Kotlin

Site Style – The First Step

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Pascal Welsch: Making Dart more like Kotlin web design.

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