Rakhim Davletkaliyev – ClojureScript and React without JavaScript | Lambda Days 2019

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by Rakhim Davletkaliyev

Web development and modern JS ecosystem can be daunting, especially if you like simplicity, immutability and FP. Being able to create complex React Apps without using any JavaScript, but rather compiling from Clojurescript is a breath of fresh air. I’d like to share my experience writing React-powered apps using Clojurescript, Reagent and Figwheel.

ClojureScript compiles to JavaScript and, thanks to modern tools like Reagent and Figwheel, actually make writing React apps easier than with traditional React JS library. These apps are also generally faster than natively-written ones, thanks to build-in immutability and leveraging the Google Closure compiler. We need more functional programmers on the frontend side! The web is going somewhere dark, and we can help.

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Software developer since 2010. Co-founder of Hexlet, an educational startup from Finland which is the home of 200k students who learn computer programming and software development, get hired and build cool stuff. In November 2019 resigned as CEO and about to launch something new. Rakhim organizes free workshops and open lectures on programming and computing in Helsinki. Blogs at rakhim.org.

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Rakhim Davletkaliyev - ClojureScript and React without JavaScript | Lambda Days 2019

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