RaysWorks V.4 Stem farm (Block By Block w/materials list) Java 1.16+

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IMPORTANT EDIT: I somehow edited out a clip from the video. It is of the item sorting system. If you want to build a custom system and understand how, then don’t bother with this link. But to continue the actual block by block tutorial you’ll need this. So at 14:34, pause the video and use this link. After the link is done playing, return to this tutorial. Sorry for the mishap – Thanks to walter clements for pointing this out!

Missing clip –https://youtu.be/dsb6ozMMmtY
Guide on how to use the farm – https://youtu.be/mzOyCCuzMPQ

Ray has done it again, and this time it even more efficient and compact. You guys were so supportive and gave great feedback with the last one so i’ve made some changes to way i made this tutorial, I built 100% of it on screen so there’s no guess work unless you modify it on your own!

With that being said, hope you guys enjoy and for the first few weeks i’ll be replying as much as possible to comments to help with any issues you might have.

World Download (color matching with tutorial) – https://www.mediafire.com/file/g3q7wvj9sb9hav2/Stem+Farm+V4+World.zip/file

Materials list:

Hopper – 201
Solid Blocks – 198
Solid blocks (temporary) 120 +/-
Stone Wall (your choice) – 137
Slabs (your choice) – 137
Redstone Dust – 135
Sticky Piston – 45
Slime Block – 42
Scaffolding – 40
Wart Block (crimson or warped) – 40
Redstone Repeater – 37
Glass – 28
Observer – 25
Immovable block by slime (leaves/glazed terracotta/furnaces) – 24
Ancient Debris – 19
Stem (Warped or Crimson)- 19
Fence Gate (your choice) – 18
Composter – 17
Regular Piston – 12
Chests – 11
Dispenser – 10
Dropper – 8
Ender Chest – 8
Obsidian – 8
Water Bucket – 8
Powered Rail – 8
Target Blocks – 6
Brewing Stand – 6
Honey Block – 5
Iron Trapdoor – 5
Hopper mine carts – 5
Wooden trapdoor – 5
Nylium (warped or crimson) – 5
Endstone – 4
Lever – 4
Minecart – 3
Coral Fan – 3
Detector Rail – 3
Comparator – 3
Redstone Torch – 3
TNT – 3
Activator Rail – 2
Juke Box – 2
Redstone Block – 1
Note block – 1
Wooden Door – 1
Stone Button – 1

These numbers SHOULD be exact, if you find any issues let me know and i’ll update it!

Hope you enjoy this video, if you do, then drop a like, leave some feedback down below, and be sure to subscribe for some more random goodness!


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Q-What shaders do you use?
A- I use the Sildurs Enhanced Default pack if any

Q- How did you get your sky texture?
A- I took my x32 faithful pack and replaced the sky textures with the skies from a super dated pack called Halcyon Days

Here’s the folder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ajoao3kze9fvxg8/1.16.1+faithful+with+clouds.zip/file
note: you’ll need optifine to get the cloud skybox to work. It’s made for 1.16.1 but it does still work in 16.2 and .3

Q- Can i join your server
A- Yes and no. Creator? Yes! Not Creator? Join the discord and we’ll talk about it.

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RaysWorks V.4 Stem farm (Block By Block w/materials list) Java 1.16+

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