React Native Tutorial for Beginners – Build a React Native App [2020]

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React Native Tutorial for Beginners – Learn to build an amazing React Native app for iOS & Android.
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React Tutorial for Beginners: https://youtu.be/Ke90Tje7VS0
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Layout Exercises PDF: https://bit.ly/3dzbKDZ
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0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:20 Prerequisites
0:02:58 What is React Native?
0:04:33 Expo
0:06:19 Setting up the development environment
0:09:17 Your First React Native App
0:14:38 Running on an iOS simulator
0:18:02 Running on an Android emulator
0:26:48 Running on a physical device
0:27:54 Logging
0:29:16 Debugging with Chrome
0:34:27 Debugging in VSCode
0:41:39 Publishing
0:46:30 Fundamental Concepts
0:48:20 View
0:51:08 Text
0:53:50 Image
0:59:25 Touchables
1:04:21 Button
1:06:01 Alert
1:09:55 StyleSheet
1:14:49 Platform-specific code
1:18:06 Layouts
1:18:43 Dimensions
1:22:22 Detecting orientation changes
1:27:39 Flexbox
1:30:56 flexDirection
1:32:48 justifyContent, alignItems and alignSelf
1:37:22 flexWrap and alignContent
1:40:22 flexBasis, flexGrow and flexShrink
1:43:07 Absolute and Relative Positioning
1:45:59 Exercises
1:46:58 Welcome Screen
1:57:55 View Image Screen
2:02:51 Refactoring

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React Native is a framework for building cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you’re a web developer familiar with React and JavaScript, React Native is the fastest and easiest way to transition to mobile development.

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React Native Tutorial for Beginners - Build a React Native App [2020]

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React Native Tutorial for Beginners – Build a React Native App [2020] business.

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