Realme ColorOs 7 & Android 10, Bootloader For Realme 2 & C1, AR Core, Dolby Atmos- Realme FAQ 24

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Hey guys in this video i talking about realme FAQ 24 and in this FAQ you are getting most of answers of your Realme related questions.

All FAQ 24 👇

Q. When will we get the Android 10 update for realme 3 pro users?

A.The earliest roll out will begin in Q1, 2020. Please be reminded that not all devices will receive it at this time.

Q. USB Debugging switches off automatically after 10 minutes. Why, and will realme change this behavior?

A.This setting is for security reasons. Hence it switches off automatically after running in the background for 10 mins. But we will evaluate whether this behavior can change.

Q. Will there be Google AR Core support for realme XT in the future ?

A. Yes, it will be supported in a future update.

Q. Will there be Bootloader Unlock for realme 2 and realme C1?

A. Sorry, there is no plan for this.

Q. The system music player only shows in notification panel when the device is locked. Will lockscreen music player be supported with an OTA?

A. This is already supported. You can find the player in the lockscreen when the phone is locked, and in the notification center when the phone is unlocked.

Q. Dolby Atmos is available on newer realme phones. Will this added on the previous phone models too?

A. Sorry, there is no plan for this at the moment.

Q. Will there be more apps featured in Clone Apps in the future?

A.Yes, this has been planned already, and the added compatible apps will be available with a future update.

Q. Will realme 3 Pro support idea VoLTE?

A. Yes, it has been already planned. It will be supported in a future update.

Q. Message content does not display in the notification bar. Every time I need to enter the app to know the information. Will this be fixed in a future software release?

A. Yes, we are aware of this and it will be improved in ColorOS 7.0


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Realme ColorOs 7 & Android 10, Bootloader For Realme 2 & C1, AR Core, Dolby Atmos- Realme FAQ 24

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Realme ColorOs 7 & Android 10, Bootloader For Realme 2 & C1, AR Core, Dolby Atmos- Realme FAQ 24 mobile cell phone.

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