RecyclerView Performance with DiffUtil (Kotlin)

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In this video I talk about DiffUtil, a helper class used to optimize RecyclerView’s for performance.

The android documentation states:
“DiffUtil uses Eugene W. Myers’s difference algorithm to calculate the minimal number of updates to convert one list into another. Myers’s algorithm does not handle items that are moved so DiffUtil runs a second pass on the result to detect items that were moved.”
See more information on DiffUtil here: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/support/v7/util/DiffUtil

At the end of the day DiffUtil is an incredibly simple way to drastically improve the performance of your RecyclerView’s by leveraging an algorithm when setting/updating list items.

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RecyclerView Performance with DiffUtil (Kotlin)

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RecyclerView Performance with DiffUtil (Kotlin) online gaming.

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