Server Code With Kotlin – 4 Frameworks for Server Side Kotlin

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Want to write server code with Kotlin? In this video, you’ll learn about 4 frameworks for writing your backend server code with Kotlin.

We’ll explore an overview of each of the following frameworks:
– ktor: https://ktor.io/
– Spring Boot: https://spring.io/projects/spring-boot
– http4k: https://github.com/http4k/http4k
– Quarkus: https://code.quarkus.io/

Ktor Quickstart guide:

Spring Boot tutorial on creating a simple blogging app:

http4k rationale:

http4k quickstart:

Quarkus get started:

Thoughts or questions about server side Kotlin ? Comment below or share on social media. I’d love to continue the conversation.

Thanks for watching!

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Server Code With Kotlin - 4 Frameworks for Server Side Kotlin

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Server Code With Kotlin – 4 Frameworks for Server Side Kotlin software.

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