Sony Bravia 4K Android TV| Key features utilization

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How to utilize the features in Sony Bravia 4K TV? In this video, we will show you the guides on how to utilize the features of chrome cast and voice search.

Chrome Cast:
– Can casting your photos, videos, and TV shows from your android or IOS mobile devices to your TV screen.

How to cast?
– To entitle this feature, ensure your TV and mobile network are on the same wifi network.
– Play a video that you wish to cast on your mobile youtube apps
– Locate the chrome cast icon on the upper right of your screen and press it.
– Select the TV that you wish to cast your video to.
– Now you are able to enjoy watching your favourite tv shows from your mobile device on your TV.

Next, we will show you how to use tv remote control to do a voice search.

  • First, enable Bluetooth function on your remote.
  • At the home page, click on settings on the top right corner, scroll down to remote and accessories.
  • Select Bluetooth settings, turn it on, and connect it via Bluetooth.
  • Read the instructions to use voice search.

Try using the voice search.
– Press & hold down [-Vol button]
– Once it’s held down, press the microphone button, an orange light will flash indicating
– Exit the set up process.
– Press & hold the microphone button, speak your search into the built-in microphone.
– The result of your search will appear on your TV screen.

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Sony Bravia 4K Android TV| Key features utilization

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