Space Army – Jetpack Arcade Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)

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Do you remember good old retro action shooting games? Well, even if you don’t…We made retro side scroller shooters great again😊!

The universe is still full of dangerous planets, aliens and mysteries! Some space forces on distant planets are not safe for human soldiers 😮. By using new technology the Space Titans are getting dangerous and threaten security and stability. They are stronger, faster and ready for attack and start space wars! As a space defender you will keep order and protect the Earth! You👩‍🚀👨‍🚀 are the only hope! Be the space hero for the whole Universe!

Avoid dangerous obstacles on various missions and different planets, use your jetpack and shoot to destroy drones and fight with alien enemies👽. Don’t forget about collecting chips! You should upgrade your weapons and pulse shields to be stronger space warrior. Check out the combat armors – they could help you fight with alien space invaders. There will be explosions, dangerous missions and a lot of action! Each retro episode on ends with an epic boss fight🔥!

Your squad of space soldiers armed with dangerous equipment is traveling through the planets with the mission to save the universe. Your mission in this game is to fight with dangerous enemies, attack the boss and destroy them.

Try to unlock 🗝️ retro arcade mode and smoothly pass through all the missions in the universe full of planets 🚀!

● A classic retro shooting game with a modern touch, you will love it🌌!
● The retro looking graphic meets intuitive and comfortable controls🕹️!
● 2d side-scrolling shooter with dynamic gameplay☄️!
● Various dangerous missions and episodes😎.
● Special retro ARCADE mode! You only live once✔️!
● Be the best commander for your crew! Collecting awesome rewards will help you develop your armour🤩!
● Equip your armory and customize your armours to unlock special abilities! Even in space you can look fancy while fighting aliens🤠!
● Space Army – Jetpack Arcade is 100% free to play game✨!

Prepare for the epic space battle on different planets and download now!

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Space Army - Jetpack Arcade Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)

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