VW & Audi coding tool for iOS & Android – nextGen OBDeleven

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OBDeleven nextGen – the smallest diagnostic interface with the most features is here. Let’s give it a quick test going though most popular features: performing full diagnostic scan, clearing trouble codes, using one-click apps to active new features, changing long coding and adaptation values, check engine live data, force displays output test.

➡️ In the #test you see how the device connected to OBD2 port works with Volkswagen Golf MK7. I’m using iOS and Android to conform that it works with both systems and if the interface looks the same.
OBDeleven #nextGen easily found and cleared 7 DTC trouble codes in the car (glow plug, remote battery, blown bulb, assistance camera error). Then I’m using one-click app to enable needle sweep feature in instrument cluster. Next I’m showing how to use Long Coding to enable the same feature, how to access adaptation values, how to view DPF live data, and how to force navigation and instrument cluster displays output tests.
Everything was as easy as changing your wallpaper or ringtone and worked perfectly.

➡️ I’ve also tested OBDeleven interface in other cars: Audi Q7 (4L), Volkswagen Golf MK7 (5G) GTI Clubsport, Volkswagen Tiguan (5n), Audi S6 (C7), Audi A4 (B6), Skoda Octavia MK2 (1Z), Audi A3 (8L). Worked perfectly in all of the above.

📢 OBDeleven gives you access to crazy amount of dealer- or developer-level options. Most likely more that you ever will need. If you own Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda – you should get #OBDeleven for sure! It’s a great alternative for other diagnostic interfaces like VAG-COM, VCDS, Carista, Carly, ELM327.

💰 Save money on diagnostics, enabling features, and retrofitting new components.
PRO pack (OBDeleven device with PRO license and 200 credits for €100 / $111) will pay off after the first maintenance or diagnostic session that you can perform yourself.

🧰 Diagnostic Functions
✅ Advanced Identification
✅ Fault Codes read & clear
✅ Coding & Long Coding
✅ Adaptation
✅ Basic Settings
✅ Live Data
✅ Output test
✅ Subsystems access
✅ Security Access
✅ EEPROM Access
✅ UDS Reset
✅ Data Backup

➡️ Other OBDeleven nextGen features
🔘 One-Click Apps with predefined activation procedures
🔘 No limit for cars in garage
🔘 Works with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth (BLE)
🔘 All performed procedures synced with server
🔘 Supports all VAG cars (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda)
🔘 Other car brands support with future updates (next is BMW)

💲 Buy OBDeleven here (ref): https://obdeleven.com?src=link&ref=Zy245Iacqc6bMTHh
🔗 Learn more: https://bit.ly/2ZODEYY

🚗 Tweaks for VW Golf MK7
✅ Needle sweep
✅ Lap Timer
✅ Road Sign Assist activation
✅ Oil Temperature in instrument cluster
✅ Lane Assist adaptive steering
✅ Auto-hold setting memory
✅ Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with rear lights
✅ Offroad display
✅ Developer mode enabling
✅ Tear wipe
✅ Cornering Light via Fog Lights
✅ DRL wink with indicators
✅ Additional traction control modes
✅ Heated seats setting memory
✅ Dynamic Light Assist (DLA) setting memory
✅ 5 brake light activation
✅ LED warning delete for fogs, license plate, indicators
✅ Auto Start-Stop deactivation
✅ Fog Light on reminder
✅ Coming Home / Leaving Home illumination
✅ Video In Motion (VIM) lock remove

💡 PRO features require PRO license. You can buy it within the app (with in-app purchase) or get it with the device. PRO license is linked to the OBDeleven account and not the device.
💡 OBDeleven requires internet connection to work.

⚠️ OBDeleven gives you access to dealer-level settings. Changing these parameters can make your car inoperable. Please make sure that you know what are you doing.
⚠️ Backup original parameters (coding and adaptation) before performing any changes.

0:00 OBDeleven nextGen test and review
0:57 Unboxing OBDeleven
1:25 Size compared to other diagnostic devices
1:58 Connecting to OBD2 in Golf MK7
3:03 Diagnostic full scan on iOS
3:40 DTC trouble codes detected
6:12 Clear fault codes
7:06 One-Click apps
7:58 Coding & Adaptation
9:15 Backup data
9:50 Live data
11:19 Car history on Android
12:46 Output test
13:43 Other features
14:03 Easy removal tool
14:11 To sum it up
15:13 How much is it?

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I want you all to comprehend that we are not construction workers. It can realize the information sharing through OTG and digital video output through HDMI. However, the important ones have been really worth it.

VW & Audi coding tool for iOS & Android - nextGen OBDeleven

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In case you didn’t understand, the IMEI number of an Android-based phone is a number that is distinct to each phone which assists recognize it from the millions of other phones worldwide, Android Tools-based or otherwise.

Angry Birds: A puzzle game developed by Finnish video game designer, Rovio, Angry Birds was very first developed for iPhone and iPod Touch devices and sold over 6.5 million copies on those platforms. The Android variation was revealed in May and the video game was released in October for Android platform. During the very first weekend of schedule, it was downloaded by more than 2 million Android users.

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The navigation through this ROM is very simple. It’s a terrific method to easily and easily “type” text. In addition it gives you the chance to set reminders for tasks that you can handle later on.

VW & Audi coding tool for iOS & Android – nextGen OBDeleven computers and technology.

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